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Research Papers Publications of Faculty in National and International Journals

Dr. Subhash J.Jadhav Journal Code Title of Research Paper Name of Journal Date
ISSN-2010-023X Minimum Expectations of Tourists : An Essentials factor of Tourism Companies International Journal of Trade, Economics and Finance August 2010
ISSN 2229-4686 Coverage of Maximum Destinations: General Expectations of Tourists International Researchers World(e-Journal) October 2010
ISSN-2229-5003 Hospitality: The Relational Approach in Tourism Organizations “Share” National Journal. Share Study Hub December 2010
ISSN-2277-7830 Customer Relationship Management: The enlightening Approach and Attitude of Co-operative Banks in Nashik District” IBMRD National Journal of Management and Research March 2012
ISSN-2250-2025 Customer’s Contentment: The Central Factor of Trading Industry Vision Research: National Research Journal March 2013
ISSN-2319-7927 Admire Customer: The Optimistic Approach of Businessmen International Journal of Engineering, Economics and Management April 2013
ISSN-2278-2087 CRM- A Tool for Entrepreneurs in Banking Sector. International Journal of Economics and Commerce, Nashik. Vol-II. February 2016
ISSN-2455-5398 Sightseeing : The Revealing Approach in Indian Civilization National Journal of Research in Marketing, Finance and HRM October 2016
ISSN-2456-0995 Tourism: The Informative Appearance to Improve the Indian Culture. The Explorer: Online Multidisciplinary Research Journal Vol-II February 2017
ISSN-2455-5398 Study of factors affecting the perceptions of the consumers towards wine industries. National Journal of Research in Marketing, Finance and HRM. October-2018
ISSN-2455-5398 Study of opportunities and challenges for solar energy industries. National Journal of Research in Marketing, Finance and HRM-Vol-3: No-2. October-2018
ISSN-2278-2087 The Inevitable Strategic Marketing Asset – Digital Marketing International Journal of Economics & Commerce February-2019
ISSN- 2394-6423 Social Media Marketing – Let’s Get Social International Journal of Management and Research Issue-IV February-2019
ISSN- 2394-6423 Impact of digital marketing media on the sale of wines with special reference to wineries of Nashik International Journal of Management and Research Issue-IV February-2019
ISSN-2455-5398 Factors affecting residential electrical energy consumptions in India National Journal of Research in Marketing, Finance and HRM-Vol-4: No-1 March 2019
ISSN 2277 -9809 ISSN 2348–9359 (Print) Determinant factors Contributing to Growth of Sportswear Industry in India International Research Journal of Management Sociology & Humanities April 2019
ISSN: 2393-9028 ISSN: 2348-2281 (Print) Factors Affecting Customer Preference between Global and Local brands for Sportswear Market in Pune International Journal of Research in Electronics And Computer Engineering June 2019
ISSN- 2348-2281 A survey on Brand Loyalty of sportswear in Pune International Journal of Research in Electronics & Computer Engineering- Vol-7 June-2019
ISSN: 0193- 4120 A Study on Consumer Perception towards Energy Efficient Electrical Appliances. Test: Engineering and Management International Journal February 2020
ISSN 2455-0841 Use of digital marketing channel for building Customer Relationship International Journal MET Management Retrospect February 2020
ISSN 2229-3620 An Exploratory Analysis of Customers Awareness in Solar Energy Industries of Pune. International Shodh Sanchar Bulletin June 2020
ISSN 2320-3358 Impact of Covid -19 on sportswear market & customers buying behavior. Journal of Natural Remedies – Scopus November 2020
ISSN 2348-2397 A study of impact on covid-19 on buying behavior of consumers in Nashik district. International Shodh sarita Journal. December 2020
ISSN 2348-2397 Marketing Trends In the New Normal International Research Journal :Shodh Sarita December 2020
ISSN 0975- 1386 Consumer Behavior towards Energy Efficient Electrical Home Appliances. Wesleyan Journal of Research –An International Journal March 2021
ISSN 2249-9032 Indian Fruit processing industries & international competitiveness. Excel Journal of Engineering Technology and Management Science. June 2021
ISSN 0976-0997 An Analysis of Macro environmental Factors influencing Marketing Practices of Solar Energy Industry in Pune. International Journal of Natural Sciences –Bimonthly. August 2021
ISSN 2249-9032 Problems & Prospects of Rural Marketing and Agricultural Produce in India. Excel’s International Journal of Engineering Technology & Management Science Vol-I. December 2021
ISSN 0974-5823 As study of consumer purchase decision of electrical home appliances with emphasize on marketing mix & electric energy sustainability. International Journal of Mechanical Engineering. February 2022
ISSN 2229-5348 An Analytical study of impact of market strategies on development of wine business in Maharashtra. Journal of Management & Entrepreneurship March 2022
ISBN-978-1-84626-026-1 Customers’ Needs and Satisfaction: An Important Aspect of Tourism Company International Conference on Business, Economics and Tourism Management 26th -28th Feb 2010 CBETM Singapore
  Customer Relationship Management: The Effective Tool of Tourism Companies International Conference on Strategies in Organizations [ICSO] 14th -15thMay 2010 NHRD, Delhi
ISBN-978-93-5067-163-4 Hospitality in Customer Relationship Management: The Important Aspect of Indian Culture. International Conference on Management Arena-Innovations, Opportunities and Challenges 27th -29thJan 2012 MGV-IMR Nashik
ISBN – 978-93-5407-331-1 Effect of Covid-19 on the Hospitality Industries International E- Conference Advances in IT, Business Mgt & e-Governance. 5th & 6th July 2020 Medavakkam Chennai
Dr. Pradeep Sonar eISSN 1303-5150 Financial Institutions and Their Role in the Development and Financing of Small Individual Projects http://www.neuroquantology.com August 2022
eISSN 1303-5150 Employer Branding and Related concepts: A Literature conceptual Model http://www.neuroquantology.com August 2022
eISSN 1303-5150 A Study on the Relationship Between Digital Marketing And Customer Relationship Management http://www.neuroquantology.com August 2022
ISSN NO : 1869-9391 Analysis of factors affecting the implementation of online learning methodology by students: an empirical study GIS SCIENCE JOURNAL 2022
ISSN NO : 1869-9391 A Review on the Influence of Financial Institutions in the Expansion of MSME's in India. GIS SCIENCE JOURNAL 2022
ISSN : 2229-5348 UGC Care Group 1 Journal Investigation of the Possible job of Creative Indian SMES in Long Haul Development JOURNAL OF MANAGEMENT & ENTREPRENEURSHIP April-June 2022
ISSN NO : 2347-3150 A Critical analysis of micro impact of pandemic Covid -19 lockdown on Indian economy with special reference to specific industrial microbiology sectors: Pharmaceuticals, Personal Care and Cosmetics and Food sector. Mukt Shabd Journal May 2020
ISSN:2582-0966 Applying Knowledge Management Practices in Enhancing Financial Performance. APIMR IRJCM February 2020
ISSN NO : 2347-3150 To study and critically analyze the value chain for onions in Nasik district. Mukt Shabd Journal May 2020
ISSN (Online): 2454-8499 FICO score - Role in Modern Financial System INTERNATIONAL RESEARCH JOURNAL OF MULTIDISCIPLINARY STUDIES April, 2017
ISBN:978-93-5097-528-2 Management Education: Issues in, Challenges and Opportunities Utkarsh 2012
ISBN:978-93-83993-00-0 Farm Audit and Credit Rating Model for Indian Farming Society Utkarsh 2013
ISBN:978-93-83993-00-0 A study on Cooperative Sales and Strategic Branding model for Indian Farming Society Utkarsh 2014
ISBN:978-93-5158-304-2 Impact of Lecture Recording on Students and Faculties Utkarsh 2014
ISBN 978-93-5158-304-2 Entrepreneurship and Management Education in India Incubation 2012
ISBN 978-93-5158-304-2 A Study of Buddhist economics and western economy Incubation 2013
Dr.Pooja Merchant ISSN 2231-0096 Rupee Depreciation: Impact on Indian Stock Market Platinum -A peer Reviewed National Multidisciplinary Journal 2019
ISSN 2231-0096 The Impact of Corona virus on Financial Markets Platinum -A peer Reviewed National Multidisciplinary Journal 2020
ISSN 2231-0096 The Study of Attitude of Individual Investors towards their Equity Investment with reference to Malegaon City Platinum -A peer Reviewed National Multidisciplinary Journal 2022
Mr. Vinod S. Khair 2231-0096 To Study the Impact of Packaging & Labeling on Rural Consumer’s Buying Behavior National journal Platinum 2019
2231-0096 Study the Retail Store’s Attributes & Increase in Sales of Unorganized Retailer by Influencing Consumers National journal Platinum 2020
Mr. Mithun Patil ISSN 2394-7293 The overview of Software Testing: Types, Methods and Levels. Journal of Software Engineering tools and Technology trends 2021
Mrs. Priyanka M. Jagtap ISSN : 2348-7143 An Importance Of Big Data Analytics ‘RESEARCH JOURNEY’ International Multidisciplinary E- Research Journal Jan-2019
ISBN: 978-93-87558-45-8 Covid -19 Crises, Effects, Challenges & Innovation Two days National Conference (E-Publication) COVID – 19 : Crisis, Effects, Challenges and Innovations June - 2020
ISSN: 2455-7307 (Online) An Importance of Basic Concept Related to Cloud Network International Journal of Distributed Computing and Technology 2021
E-ISSN : 2348-7143 An Overview of Artificial Intelligence ‘RESEARCH JOURNEY’ International E- Research Journal June-2022